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A Visayan (Southern-Philippines) term for girlfriend or boyfriend. It does not determine the gender however it has the same meaning. Not so long ago Visayans were very strict in terms of uyab-uyab (gf-bf relationships), today there are a lot of young individuals engaging in this activity and thus is one of the main causes of over population in the Philippines.
1. Hubag kaayo akoang uyab bai! EN, "Dude, my girlfriend is so hot!"

2. Ma-o na imung uyab dai? EN, "Girl, is that your boyfriend?"

3. Strict Parent: Dili sa ka mag uyab-uyab dong ha. EN, "You are forbidden to be in girlfriend-boyfriend relationships."
by Geee-em May 11, 2010

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A Visayan word for Liver which is a vital organ. In the southern parts of the Philippines however, it is also used as a curse or a derogatory word. Usually has the same meaning with fuck.
1. Palihug ra gud ko atong atay beh. EN, "Can you please hand me that liver." - Used when referring to the liver.

2. Ataya ato oie. EN, "It was fucked up."

3. Gi-atay man ka oie! EN, "Fuck you!"

4. Ataya ato imong gibuhat oie! EN, "You fucked it up!"
by Geee-em May 11, 2010

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The term used to call people who live in Iligan City. Iligan City is a city in the island of Mindanao, Philippines. Most Iliganons speak Cebuano (the same language spoken by the majority of people from the islands of Mindanao and Visayas, hence also called Bisaya.) However, despite this, there are a lot of differences between Iliganons compared to other people living in Mindanao. Most Iliganons are tisoy, gwapo and gwapa, not much are observed from other neighboring cities in Mindanao. Even so, the Iliganons try their best to mingle with their neighbors. Iliganons usually enjoy summer at beach resorts, specially one at Bukana Beach at Fuentes. A lot of tourists spend their time there, it is also a beautiful beach to find some chicos, and chicas. You'll find Iliganons smart, kind and good looking.
Girl 1: I met a guy from the Philippines he was so smart and he even treated me lunch. He was such a great guy.

Girl 2: He's probably Iliganon. Lucky for you.
by Geee-em May 10, 2010

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Iligan is a highly urbanized city in the Philippines. According to the 2007 census, there are 308,046 Iliganons, and are generally classified as handsome (gwapo, tisoy) and the girls are hot and gorgeous (gwapa, tisay). In addition for having good looks and kind attitude, Iliganons are also well known for being smart and well educated. Most of them study at a well revered prestigious university, MSU-IIT. Hence, a lot of major industries flourish in Iligan, and thus made it one of the highly urbanized cities of the country. Anyway, Iligan is also home of Maria Cristina Falls, the falls that provides 50% of the electricity needs of the entire Mindanao. In addition, there are also loads of other waterfalls found in Iligan City, which is why it's also called the City of Waterfalls. Most people from many parts of the world go to Iligan to watch these majestic waterfalls. Also, majority of the people living in Iligan are Christians, however, it is one of the places in the Philippines, were they peacefully co-exist with other religious denominations, especially with the Muslims who practice Islam. In other parts of the country, a lot of Muslims are taking arms against the government, in Iligan they are peacefully trading with everyone else. Insurgents in Iligan don't bomb the ISPs, so it's generally safe to live here. Iligan is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the Philippines where one can enjoy staying at the famous Bukana beach resort, where all the hot chicks are.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm going somewhere this summer.

Guy 2: Iligan is hot dude! That's where you can find all the hot chicks! There are also lots of good people there man!
by Geee-em May 10, 2010

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A Visayan term for pregnant, pregnancy, or pregnant woman. Usually caused when there is too much stress and strain inflicted towards the condom due to external forces (e.g. friction). The relationship between stress and strain becomes nonlinear because the stress has reached a certain elastic limit or yield strength. Beyond this limit, the condom may deform irreversibly, exhibiting breaking. The effects of this phenomena are usually observed nine months after.
1. Na buros akoang uyab dah. Paltik man gud tong condom na akoang gi-gamit. EN, "My girlfriend just got pregnant. Perhaps it was caused by that brand-less condom."

2. Tanawa, buros nasad imong uyab, pala-iyot man gud ka! EN, "Look, your girlfriend just got pregnant again, that's because you've always been a pervert!"

3. Hubag lang japon kaau akoang uyan bahalag buros. EN, "My girlfriend still looks hot even though she's pregnant."
by Geee-em May 11, 2010

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