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The term used to call people who live in Iligan City. Iligan City is a city in the island of Mindanao, Philippines. Most Iliganons speak Cebuano (the same language spoken by the majority of people from the islands of Mindanao and Visayas, hence also called Bisaya.) However, despite this, there are a lot of differences between Iliganons compared to other people living in Mindanao. Most Iliganons are tisoy, gwapo and gwapa, not much are observed from other neighboring cities in Mindanao. Even so, the Iliganons try their best to mingle with their neighbors. Iliganons usually enjoy summer at beach resorts, specially one at Bukana Beach at Fuentes. A lot of tourists spend their time there, it is also a beautiful beach to find some chicos, and chicas. You'll find Iliganons smart, kind and good looking.
Girl 1: I met a guy from the Philippines he was so smart and he even treated me lunch. He was such a great guy.

Girl 2: He's probably Iliganon. Lucky for you.
by Geee-em May 10, 2010
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