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A bum nigga is an uneducated, broke male. When writing/texting he uses a lot of ghetto slang. He cannot get a real job mostly because of the lack of education and the fact that he thinks hes going to become a rapper. A bum nigga is a guy that for a living does some kind of illegal work but isn't making more than 40k a year. He is the type of guy that does not know how to respect a woman and only sees them as "bitches". A bum nigga is unintelligent, low minded, careless and has a weak mentality. All bum niggas think they are the hardest niggas around and come from a hood. Bum niggas be 20+ but still acting like little boys, they're not men.
*Gets hands on money*

takes pictures of it puts it all over social media acting like he is balling.

-A real baller does not need to flaunt his money to anyone but himself only a broke bum nigga has something to prove.-
by getitgotitgood August 05, 2013

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The most ridiculous Browser ever in which my next door neighbor uses as if its the only thing available on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!! what an idiot even after i inform him all the time how stupid he is and show him Firefox and the Big "O"
and plenty other browsers its like he just cant comprehend the meaning probably like you reading this or someone you know... mind you this is a guy who has more random information stored in his head then should be allowed and or legal prides himself on knowing crap..... long story short I.E is a Piece of Garbage that should be banned from the internet shouldnt be called internet explorer but maybe "T.B.W.T.N.E.T.E the best way to not explore the internet
Me: "Hey i see you must have just bought this computer seeing that you still have "Internet Explorer" In Fact you must have just bought it today"

Complete Idiot: Nah man ive had this thing for like 3 years now..."

Me: What are you Retarded???........
by GeTiTGoTiTGood August 28, 2009

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