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The ship between Logan Sanders and Roman Sanders from the Youtube Series Sanders Sides by Thomas Sanders.

It's really cute, have you even SEEN the fan art/fiction???
Logan leaned in and kissed Roman, Roman kissed back and the two shared a moment of eternal bliss, they never wanted this to end.


Person 1: Hey! What's your favourite Sanders Sides ship? Mine's Intruloceit!

Person 2: Ooo! That's and interesting one! Mine's Logince!
by GayPanic4Life November 15, 2020
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' ' Is what you type to your close friends, bf/gf/partner, when you are needing affection, this can be typed in many different ways depending what you are using to type this and sometimes, you can't type it at all.

Discord: ** **

The discord way is typing two stars, space then two more stars, when you hit send, it will appear as if nothing is there, try it out! It works!

Unfortunately, I only know that one, so I am sorry, but that means you can try to find out how to send a blank space to anyone!

Sending this to parents is not advised as they will get confused and you'll have to read this whole thing out to them, so unless you want that then just don't-
BigBrainMaster36: Hey, Babe...

GayPanic4Lyf: Yeah? What's wrong?

BigBrainMaster36:' '

GayPanic4lyf: Awwww *Virtual hugs* I love youuu

BigBrainMaster36: I love you too :)


WattpadHelpsMe_Live: Hey sophie?

TheGirlinTheVillageDoingAlright: Yeah?

WattpadHelpsMe_Live:' '

TheGirlinTheVillageDoingAlright: I'm coming over to your house right now, what snacks you want?
by GayPanic4Life November 15, 2020
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