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The idea of buying drink that provides the most alcohol for the lowest price
That beer looks quite nice, but wine is way better booze economy
by Gavin Spiller May 27, 2007
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To deliberately drive around a town centre looking for, and possibly to attract hot women. Said act will normally, though not always be on a weekend and requires driving recklessly with the windows down and rinsing out loud tunes.
Q. Shall we take the bypass, or nip along the high street on a filth cruise.

A. Filth cruise every time mate, rude not to.
by Gavin Spiller October 08, 2007
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To have more time than you thought - usually in a drinking context.
Mate you best get a round in, it'll be last orders soon.

Don't worry it's late opening in here, we're bargain for time.
by Gavin Spiller December 29, 2007
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