2 definitions by Gator 8er

The act where a man defecates in a woman's mouth and then sticks his penis in her mouth while full of fecal matter. He then ejaculates leaving a hollowed out cave in her mouth.
Yo bro! I totally banged that Lucy chick who was into scat fetishes. She even let me give her a mongolian mudcave
by Gator 8er February 4, 2020
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When a guy ejaculates in a person's mouth and that person has braces.
Person 1: hey, I was with Kayla last night and I blew it in her mouth. She's nasty.

Person 2: wait you left her suck your dick?
Person 1: yeah, I know, its risky with her braces but she didn't cut me up at all. I just put my seed behind bars.
by Gator 8er February 19, 2020
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