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Gateshead massive ran by the one and only Callum Hodgey the biggest crack dealer in the North East.
Gateshead massive
by GatesheadsFinest March 12, 2022
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Teams is a place in Gateshead crafted from god himself creating a group of gangsters referred to as the Teamsers. They sniff more coke to Jordon Belford himself and shag more birds then a horny dog
The Teams is such a beautiful place.
by GatesheadsFinest March 18, 2022
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A place in Gateshead ran by Hodgey the biggest wack crack and smack dealer in the north east, get on the wrong side of him he will steal your shoe laces and buck your mother.
Hodgey the ‘teams legend’ is hard as nails
by GatesheadsFinest March 13, 2022
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