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noun -

1. idle chit-chat
2. verbal guff with little point or purpose
3. talking style of idiots
Tom: Hey how you doing?
Geraint: I'm well, you?
Tom: Not bad.
Geraint: So what you up to nowadays?
Tom: Oh, you know, this and that, you?
Geraint: Yeah just keeping busy.
Tom: Listen, take care mate, see you around.
Geraint: Yeah we need to have a beer soon.
Tom: Definitely.
Geraint: OK, see you later mate.
(Geraint leaves)
(Jared arrives)
Jared: Wassup?
Tom: Nothing, just some fooltalk with that guy.
(points to Geraint)
Jared: Who, what's his name?
Tom: I don't know really, I don't think I've met him before.
Jared: Nice.
by Gary Vert May 20, 2009
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noun -

1. when a pedestrian transfixes his stare on the pavement half a metre in front of him
2. a common ocular gait, prefered by students who do not wish to acknowledge passers-by who they know but would rather not stop and talk to.
3. pavevisionment may be inadvertent or intentional depending on the eyesight or social skills of the user.
4. pavevisionment is of critical import for those with deficient eyesight, who cannot identify potential friends when looking ahead normally and do not want to cause offence by failing to acknowledge them.
5. MJ's former strategy before successful laser eye surgery

adj -

"pavevisionmental", to adopt the ocular gait to heightened levels
Jared: Mate I saw you outside the library looking pavevisionmental.

Tom: Yeah I know, I needed to get to lectures and didn't have time or the inclination to stop and engage in trite fooltalk with anyone.

Jared: Nice!
by Gary Vert May 20, 2009
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