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{n} a state of mind, the feeling or attitude of Cockiness when one is both happy and sad at the same time. Zen state of euphoria coupled with an ominous overtone.
He didn't care that he had left her passed out in the bed with her panties on the floor in a bunch. He was feeling quite blappy, because although she made him cum silly at the party the night before, he knew that she would wake up an evil demon from hell in her hungover state and it would ruin his day
by Gary Redecker October 07, 2007
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1){v.} present tense form of the verb blapp! Smacking around the face (mostly lips and forehead) with one's erect penis. Hand must be firmly pressed down and wrapped around the base of the shaft of said erect penis.

NOTE: The person on the receiving end of the "BLAPpstick" must be female and also must enjoy being "blapped" in order to actually call it "blapping"

2){verb} to yell loudly out the window of one's car in the general direction of any lurkers that look like they need to be blapped, the word "BLAPp!"
(1)Jane Doe was giggling hysterically last night when Joe Schmo came over after work and started blapping her in the forhead with his Blappstick.

(2) Although, she was walking on the other side of the street, Jane Doe could hear Joe Schmo "Blapping" the girls in gym class while driving by in his Cherry Red Corvette.

by Gary Redecker October 07, 2007
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A female behavior that exibits a commotion.
After finding her boyfriend deep up in her best friend, the party girl began to exhibit very commotional behavior that resulted in the police being called.
by Gary Redecker March 16, 2008
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