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Basically the tiktok where all you see on your fyp (for you page) is Charli, Avani, Addison, Kouvr, Dixie and basically all of the hype house members. In other words, you have intrest in only the 2016-2019 tiktokers and not the 2015 ones. BTW ur fyp is boring af
Guy 1: Aye I've heard that there's something called straight tiktok
Guy 2: Do you have it?
Guy 1: No
Guy 3: I do
Guy 1 and 2: Why are all fuckboy wannabes on straight tiktok, geez
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by GangstaBaby June 05, 2020

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Literally the sweetest girl ever. She might be flat as a child but when she grows up, she's gonna be thicc af. You are a legitimate foll if you ever leave her.
Person 1: Ay Kamsi is flat bro
Person 2: Bitch, she a child!!! *dials 911*
by GangstaBaby June 02, 2020

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