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Someone who is so prudish that they are elected the Mayor by other prudes.This person usually wears leggings with knee length skirts and turtlenecks. They say "EWWWW" if anything sexual is even implied.They are always unconsciously covering their cleavage with their hand.These ppl are usually females but can be males. You know they are the mayor when other prudes look at them with a look of incredulity. They think they are being whorish if even a sliver of cleavage is showing.
Prude Candidate: Okay I'm gonna go change, you can see my ankles in this dress!

Prude Citizen: You are now officially Mayor of Prudeville!

Mayor of Prudeville: I will work my hardest to make everyone look as unsexy as possible!
by GalaxySpaceNurse October 12, 2011

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