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Ford Big Block. Simply one of the best engines EVER made. It was put in cars and trucks from the late 50s to early 70s. Some other members of the FE family are the 352 406 428 and the most revered 427 side oiler.
My 390 put up with 2 years of nothing but shit and she stills purrs like a champ.
by GalaxieWarrior September 27, 2005
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River in Columbia SC. Nice begginer white water river with some class II-IV rapids depending on level. It is dam controlled and NEVER gets enough water. The rocks by the Zoo are apparently the spot to go. But its way to overcrowded with drunk rednecks.
Man, I wish I was chillin on the Saluda right now.
by GalaxieWarrior September 27, 2005
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