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1: A "Vart" or vagina fart.

2: A new brand of snack cracker.
Hey, Bill!! I do believe that delicate flower of a wife ya got there expelled a gaseous queef o' airy goodness from her vulvic nether region! It may be a result of the continuous banging of my wanger-doodle in said wife's snapper hole.
Gosh, Don! All this scientific sex talk is making me hungry! Hand me that box of Nabisco Queefs or I will bludgen your head with this solid aluminum replica of a baby's arm holding an apple.
by Gagoosh March 01, 2005
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1) A general exclamation upon happenstance viewing of an enormous, lippy vagina.

2) What one would say upon viewing surprise pictures of your friend's girlfriend's puffy red snapper.
Wow, Sam. These are great pics of your vacation! I like this one of your girlfriend on the beach...oh my...gaGOOSH!!
by Gagoosh March 02, 2005
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