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Jackothy is the word refering to the sexual relationship of Jackson, Nicholas and Timothy - In that order.

The situation arose when the genius minds of Stephanie and Gabrielle concurred on one particularly boring trip to North Wollongong Train Station, that Jackson and Nicholas should partake in sexual activities together, because it would be soooooooooo hot.

Timothy came into the equation, when Genius #1 succeeded in conjuring a mental image in his mind, of him going at it, with Nicholas.

Further down the track, the two geniuses were joined by another genius, Erin. During one particular heterosexual holidays spent at Genius #3's house, it was decided that these events would take place, against a wall.

Then, at one fateful Cross Country morning it was decided by the three geniuses that Jackson, after being jumped by Nicholas, would eventually dominate. At this point, our sick teenage minds intervened with the idea, that two of our male friends having sex just didnt cut it. This is where Timothy comes into it (loses game).

A potential Jackothy situation:

After being left alone in the P.E. change rooms, an awkward silence washes over Nick and Jackson -Tim Being noticably absent. Deciding he can no longer go on unaware of how Jackson feels, Nick acts on his feelings... by pushing Jackson against a wall.

"What the fu-" Jackson's speech is cut off by Nick's lips crashing against his own. Originally shocked and unresponsive, it takes Jackson a few mere seconds to realise that he wants this just as much as Nick does. His dominatrix side kicking in, he turns the tables, slamming Nick against the wall. Nick, though slightly unwilling to lose his control over the situation, fights against him, only to have his arms pinned above his head on the wall. Realising he cant win, Nick submits to him, kissing him with an uncanny sense of familiarity.

Detecting Nick giving in, Jackson releases his grip on Nicks wrists, letting Nicks hands to fall and grabbing his shirt, pulling him closer against him. Jackson drops his hand to tangle his fingers through Nick's soft blonde hair.

Lips still firmly planted together, Nick starts becoming impatient and fumbles clumsily with the buttons on Jackson’s shirt. Quickly getting frustrated with the slow pace of the situation, he gives up, ripping his shirt open, buttons flying of. He pulled it off, throwing it aside with complete disregard for where it landed.

Smirking, Jackson slowly begins undoing the top, deliberately taking his own sweet time, relishing in Nicks whines of frustration. Nick trailed his hands down Jackson chest, pausing at his navel, before sliding his finger under the elastic of his pants along his hip, before feeling his shirt slide off his shoulders and land at his feet.

Lips still pressed firmly together, Nick entwined his fingers in Jackson’s hair, closing the height difference between them, Jackson running his hands from Nicks’ shoulders down his sides before resting them on his hips. With the faintest hint of a blush highlighting his cheeks, Nick slid his hand down the centre of Jackson’s chest, pausing tentatively just below his navel, and upon receiving no sign of disapproval, looks up to Jackson, who only smirks in response, as if to say ‘You know you want to’.

Smiling nervously, Nick hesitated, before he began to cluelessly unbutton Jackson’s pants. Still smirking, Jackson leans down to kiss him, making no attempt to remove his hand from the front of his pants.


Timothy Christie stood, shell-shocked, at the door, words caught in his throat. He blushed at the sight, eyes moving slowly, from their faces, inches from each other, down to the shirts, long since discarded before finally settling on Nicks hand, which hadn’t moved from its place on Jackson.

Dropping his water bottle, his hand flew to his mouth in shock, but failed to muffle the ridiculously feminine squeak that escaped him.

Nick turned the other way, glaring at the wall with a mixture of embarrassment and fury at the interruption. Jackson however, had other plans. Licking his smirking lips, he leaned closer against Nick and raised his eyebrow invitingly at Tim. “Well, are you coming over here or what?”
by Gabby and Stephanie May 14, 2008

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