14 definitions by GT

one who uses flyhax
*******: GT 600 fps
katstar: i have 125 fps
*****: then how do you go so high
katstar: because i have 333 fps
*****: uh..
by GT June 10, 2003
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(n): refers to any of the clean and well-spoken members of the Land Rec crew (non-staff... except for Parise since he fits the definition).

Keep reaching for that rainbow!
synonym cock nibbler,idiot,moron, scatterbrain
Jack pine need sunlight ya fackin' knob gobbler!
by GT August 11, 2004
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Drink made of one handle of vodka,Burnett's if you wanna roll cheap,case of beer, and 5 frozen lemonade concentrates, created by the boys of Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, drunken last week at some dance-fuckin awesome.
"man this tanks kickin my ass!"
"Dude, you threw the fuckin tank outa the car!" reply "yeah but the cops were coming!"
_completely forget of it every happening next morning
by GT February 15, 2005
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A cluster of hair between your balls and asshole, commonly referred to as a grundle.
Dave likes to have his patch tickled, althought he won't admit it.
by GT July 13, 2004
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A guy who is willing to hook up with scuds. I.E. A shortened version of patriot missle
Matty hooks up with so many scuds he is like a patriot missle.
by GT December 16, 2004
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1.a term used to describe a group of game cheaters.

NITE, lead by captainHAX himself, Baron X, discovers people with adequate skill and converts them into competition material with the use of HAX. NITE is also knows for shit talking lies.
PUNKBUSTER is removing "NITE*****" for being a fgt haxor!
by GT June 10, 2003
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