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A Billy Joel song which is old but can still touch teens today. It's about struggle and bad luck, but the music with the lyrics is pretty well done. It will make you laugh but maybe also cry...
"Your sister's gone out, she's on a date... but you just sit at home, and masturbate..."
by GO KNIGHTS April 08, 2005
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What happens when, on the phone or instant messenger, someone needs to go (or fakes needing to go to end the conversation) and says "bye" (or a variant, or an IM shortening of it like 'cya').
The other participent says "bye"--or something-- The original person says "bye"/whatever again, and the other one responds. This can go on for minutes or longer until someone--or their parent--puts their foot down.
ExampleScreenName1: well i g2g
ExampleScreenName1: cya
SampleSNperson8: cya
ExampleScreenName1: bye
SampleSNperson8: call you later
ExampleScreenName1: l8r
SampleSNperson8: yea, cya
ExampleScreenName1: ttyt
SampleSNperson8: g2g
ExampleScreenName1: cya
SampleSNperson8: bye~~~
ExampleScreenName1: OK I HAVE TO GO NOW!!! PARENTS!!! GAH! BYE!
SampleSNperson8: OK!!! BYE!!!
by go knights July 14, 2005
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