13 definition by GAR

slang term for the wildly addictive N64 game - 'Perfect Dark'

variants: p diddy, p didz
"Yo, wanna crack out on some didz?"
by GAR February 04, 2004

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3 foot green lexan water bong with a slide bowl (rip ~ 2001)

occasionally paired with the Liberty Bowl to extend bowl life

challenging hit for some, as it held too little water to provide chilly nice but a very useful tool for those who practiced with it often

also see: Malice Green Monster
"Green Monster?"
"Fuck that...Malice Green Monster!"
"FINE...pack that shit up, asshole!"
by GAR February 05, 2004

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1. Female genitalia
2. Ecstasy
Comes from granny's medicine, changed to granny gowls, shortened to gowls.
1. Did you get any gowl?
She'd a crazy looking gowl on her.
You had me at gowl.

2. You get the gowls for tonight?
Man I was gowled last night.
by Gar February 26, 2006

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female genitalia,also clothing label
I walloped it into her gant.
Anyone who wears gant is a cunt.
by Gar March 17, 2004

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1. Back Yard Basketball
- full contact basketball in the territory of the elusive S S S
- not for the weak or timid
2. Back Yard Baseball
- endless whiffleball game in GARs yard
"Dude! re'e'er BYB?"
"duuuud...i am STILL trying to recover from games we played 10 years ago"
by GAR February 05, 2004

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abbreviation for 'Staff Sargent Schmeckle'

term held in the highest regards for those fortunate enough to know and love the Staff Sargent. difficult to determine why military honors were bestowed onto it. rumored to be exceptional at BYB, but recent studies have failed to confirm this. generally a nocturnal, cave dwelling creature, it is able to survive for weeks without human contact or movement of any kind, consuming only beer, smoke and kodiak. use extreme caution when approaching the S S S, as it posesses 'force-like' abilities in getting you do do its bidding (free smokes, rides, beers, etc). only one known S S S in existence.

variants: HanDan, ShitFuck, BitchNuts, HaaaaaaanDaaaaaaannnssoooooonnnn, DannyBoy, etc etc etc
"Dood...have you seen S S S in a while?"
"No man...he bummed a smoke off me a few weeks ago, but i think he's hibernating now"
by GAR February 05, 2004

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