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A wrestiling move in which you knock the person on the ground and then proceed to pull down both your pants and underwear forcing your bare unwipped bottom onto the persons face.
"I still have poop on my face from Rakishi's dirty stinky face"
by g-sauce May 10, 2003

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When a gay man, after being pounded in the ass, goes to take a shit and is unable to do it. He strugles really hard for a few hours and eventually shits out a premature baby.
"Todd just had a terd baby!"
by G-sauce May 15, 2003

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When your pubic hairs are longer than your dick and you often have to search to find it.
brad martin was rummaging through his groin area when he found his hidden treasure (2.5 inches)
by g-sauce May 10, 2003

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