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Giza is a slang term for give / give us! used by rough northern women who come from the orford area of warrington.
Arrr giza shout when ya goin on break!
by G Raff March 03, 2006
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New pointed stiletto shoes, black with a red rim. Wanted by track but too exclusive. As only queen bellay is authed to wear them. Only come out on special occasions e.g. interviews and t.rex partys. Specialised walk required know as the shuffle.
Arr just shuffling out for a cig in my interview shoes.
by G Raff March 15, 2006
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Interview Suit is a new suit which is brought especially for a internal interview for training manager, a position which doesnt actually exist. The suit is blue pin striped and is based on the original panel outfit. The suit is a bit big and the trousers hang over 'interview shoes' causing a danger to the owners health, could cause trouble on stairs.
Oooowww i've treated meself t a new interview suit !
by G Raff March 15, 2006
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