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A phrase used commonly among stoner's when somebody forgets that they are currently in possession of the pipe or joint and proceeds to babble nonsensically prior to taking their hit. The phrase "smoke weed" is used in these situations to remind the offender to take their hit and pass it because others are waiting on them. This phrase is often followed by the word "damn it" or "bitch".
Dave: *passes joint to carl*
Carl: Ya know man, i bet we could turn your neighbors pool into a giant ass gravity bong! we just need, like a trash can and some other shit
Next kid in circle: Smoke weed, bitch
by Fuzzadelic August 06, 2011

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One who smokes marijuana regularly and is constantly in a dazed state of non-remembrance and forgetfulness. Some consider shot ass to be a synonym for the word stoner, but this is not the case. All shot asses are indeed stoner's, but contrary to popular belief, all stoner's are not shot asses. A stoner is defined as one who smokes a ton of weed but is not necessarily always under the influence of marijuana. A shot ass on the other hand never allows himself to fully reach a state of sobriety and will constantly be seen puffing on joints or stealthily smoking in the school bathroom to keep their buzz going strong.
John: Where's Josh man? I saw him in first period
Mike: He left out the gym entrance, he's totally baking
John: What a shot ass

Teacher: If you don't label your papers with the date you won't be receiving credit.
Stoner: you dave, what's the date man
Dave: It's the 6th bro
Stoner: Of what month?
Dave: August you dumbass
Stoner: What's the number for august man?
Dave: 8 you fuckin shot ass
by Fuzzadelic August 06, 2011

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An ingenious contraption that holds your lighter to your belt to prevent others from accidentally pocketing and walking off with your lighter
Eric: You got a light man? some fucker walked off with my last bic last night
Jeff: For sure bro. You really gotta invest in a lighter leash
by Fuzzadelic August 06, 2011

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