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A person obsessed with martial arts culture who, whilst confident they could kill a crocodile with their bare hands demonstrates little in the way of technical merit.
Dan: "I'm a fifth degree blank belt in karate. I once back flipped over a moving tractor but no one saw me"

Matt: "Whatev man you're such a n00bninja"
by FuriousB March 23, 2009

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A style of dress where the person (most often male) wears a shirt or vest but is naked from the waist down.
Wife: Honey are you ready to go my mothers place or what?

Husband: Yep, lets do this. You can drive. (exits bedroom)

Wife: *gasp* WTF! put some pants on, you can't go round all porky pig styles. Mum doesn't want to see your junk.
by FuriousB June 22, 2010

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