46 definitions by Fuck you

stage 2 of monkey butt when youve had too many jalapenos
i am passing monkey butt going on to baboon ass since i have ate that jar of jalapenos
by Fuck you December 09, 2003
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a little stupid cocker spainiel with a bongo donger.
that damn dog used his bongo donger on the couch.
by Fuck you June 05, 2003
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B.E.T. is nothing more than a fucking joke.

Has the same shows as MTV, but with different names.
What a fucking crappy ass channel. It should be called MTV 3 with all it's ripoff shows (unoriginal fuckers).

I wonder if blacks would bitch and moan if white people made their own channel...Yeah, they would. They'd call it racist (like this piece of shit channel isn't).
by Fuck you January 14, 2004
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some one who is dead fucking serious with some shits.
Scott is being a lumis with them pants.
by Fuck you February 21, 2003
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