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When a man of African-American descent takes 4 aspirin and uses tabasco sauce (or in some instances barbeque sauce) as a lubricant for masturbation. Traditionally, if barbeque sauce is used, the barbeque sauce given in packets at McDonalds restaurants are preffered.

A Black Guy Flamethrower is a very hard task to accomplish, and is often a point of pride for those who achieve it.
"Hey, homie, I just gave myself a black guy flamethrower..."


"Oh yeah, it burned like a mo'fo'..."

"We should tell Bernie! This is so exciting!"
by FubsyTheMario July 17, 2009
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When you take 4 Aspirin and masturbate while holding an ice pack in one of your hands that you are using to stroke your penis.
Jack was bored with his daily sexual routine, so he gave himself an iceburg, resulting in some very embarassing frostbite.
by FubsyTheMario July 17, 2009
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