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A flatbiller is someone who buys a truck, puts a large and ineffectual lift on it, then proceeds to offroad in closed areas, resulting in more anti-offroader sentiment. Many times, but not always, they are characterized by their flat billed mesh hat.
That dude in the F150 lifted on 33's was at Gordons Well bombing through the bushes, he's too much of a flatbiller and is gonna help the Sierra Club close the dunes.
by Frothy Mug February 12, 2004

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Zimbao (plural spelling: Zimbaos)

A Zimbao or Zim for short is a slang/derogatory term for a person of Southeast Asian descent. Usually used to describe a Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, or Laotian male.

Zimbao generally refers to the younger generation found in heavily populated areas of Southern California, mostly within the South East San Diego, Mira Mesa, and Linda Vista area.

Zimbaos can usually be found driving a variety of Honda products, though there is a particular fondness for Integras and Civics. The universal mating call for a Zim is the announcement that they have "tha Honda wit da NOS an' da B "sikteen" mota"

Zims will rarely fight one on one, especially when fighting either a mee chung (sp?) or a mee dang (sp?). 10 on 1 is considered to be a fair fight within the Zimbao community, and will usually result in multiple screwdriver stab wounds sustained by the victim.

Most Zims are peaceful, and prefer to perform the standard squat and smoke a cigarette pose that Zims are so well known for. However certain circles of Zimbaos (mostly Cambodians and Laotians) are well known for their abilities to break into cars and steal stereos. While their skills are generally not as finely honed as professional car thieves, they have left their mark on many a car in the San Diego area. They are also well known for stealing anything of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) origin for their own cars. Unfortunately their automotive skills generally keep them from properly equipping their cars with the stolen merchandise, only to attach JDM Civic front clips with zip ties (also known as Zim Ties) and wood screws.

The war cry of a Zimbao usually begins with "Du Ma May" of "Du Ma Mee Chung" If encountered by an angry Zim, it is not advisable to remind them that you feel that "ten dolla' beaucoup money, Fi' dolla each." The proper response would be along the lines of "bu cac" however either response will usually result in 10 or more Zimbaos returning with a gun or multiple screwdrivers.
That Civic is so fucking Zimbao, Some Zimbao broke into my car and tried to steal my stereo.
by Frothy Mug November 02, 2006

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