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A Minimod is a person who acts as they have moderator permissions on a Discord server. They will act like dicks and will notify you when breaking a rule and telling you that you will be warned about your violation. The most common thing they will try to do is to give themselves the "role" of chat helper. Most of the times minimods are going to be warned by the actual staff of the server.

Do not respond to these people as they will accuse you of being a Minimod while not realising their mistakes. Also, if there is a rule on the server which prohibits minimodding, most of the times drama will begin and the chat is going to be filled with dumb fucks. Avoid Minimods as much as you can.
"plz do not be a Minimod"
by FreshNick February 28, 2020

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A pun: Swedish + Weeb: Sweebish

A person (not Swedish) who pretends to be Swedish by saying Swedish words (that they learned from a PewDiePie video) and talking with a Swedish accent when trying to say something, thinking they sound like they have a big brain but instead they sound retarded.

A Sweebish's age ranges from 8 to 12 years old and they most certainly are PewDiePie fanboys. They all discovered his channel after the 2nd episode of his Minecraft survival series. Consequently, when playing Minecraft you can spot a Sweebish if they have a Swedish flag as their cape.
Damn bro this guy is such a Sweebish person.

You are not Swedish stop being Sweebish!
by FreshNick May 17, 2020

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Video Games is a satanic cult founded in 1958 by Physicist William Higinbotham.

This cult's purpose is the use of computer programs so called "video games" for murder and kidnapping.
The cult is consisted of mainly young people, mostly males, who eat too much junk food, bully people, sit all day and carry firearms in their school bags.
When the teacher says "close your mp3" but the video games kid pulls out the MP5
via giphy
by FreshNick September 07, 2020

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A person who thinks they are an epic gamer when playing Minecraft.

In reality they just watch PewDiePie and like Minecraft memes.
I am pro gamer me play Minecraft I am Minecrafter now obey nons!
by FreshNick May 20, 2020

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A number spammed everywhere by skeppy fanboys who like minecraft just because it is popular
Kid 1: how old are you?
Kid 2: 14
Kid 1: Holy demonetization you are meme years old
by FreshNick August 03, 2020

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What hackers in movies seem to type with their keyboards before accessing a database or someone's epic games account.
Hacker: Lemme get in!

*hgfhjdgjhf vhgjhdfgh ggdfgdg intensifies*
by FreshNick May 24, 2020

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The reason you have no friends
Kevin: What's so funny guys?

Carl: It's an inside joke you won't get it.
by FreshNick May 17, 2020

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