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also known as pussy and/or vagina.

made famous by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their song titled "Purple Stain".

Indeed this can be a fun place to mess around with on a lady, but catch yourself around it at the wrong time of the month and it can turn you off quicker than a light switch.

"I put my middle finger in your monthly blood is what i win..." by Red Hot Chili Peppers
by Freed-olay January 10, 2008
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A phrase used as an insult from one to another.

The receiving end of the insult must be male otherwise it wouldn't make any sense and that person would automatically win the insult battle.

The exact opposite of being "hung like a horse".
Guy#1: "Dude, Shut-up I'm hung like a horse!"

Person#1: "Yeah... hung like a seahorse!!!"

Person#1: "HAHAHAHA I win one to nothin!!!"
by Freed-olay January 10, 2008
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very droopy/saggy boobs. Usually on an older woman and bad enough to turn even Ron Jeremy off.

Commonly found on a bikerchick.

"I saw the nastiest bikerboobs ever this weekend."

Once I was told that a girl took her bikerboobs, and from behind this guy set one boob onto each of his shoulders.
by Freed-olay January 10, 2008
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