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The exact opposite of a chode: A penis which is extremely long yet extremely skinny. Will not please a woman as much as a chode, as it is too skinny to touch the vaginal walls.
Fucking with a needle dick is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

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A Chode is not the gooch. We do not need multiple words for the gooch, because the area between the scrotum and the asshole is simply a gooch, and nothing more. A true chode is a penis fatter than it is long, and while its true that a true chode may not exist, it also may, and I'm sure there are many penises that are near chodes, which does, in turn, make it a chode. Also, in my neighborhood, a chode has become such a common word that it can now be used to describe anything that is severely short and fat, such as little fat kids, short fat adults, and other things that are fatter than they are tall (or are just really short and wide/fat).
Look at that midget-- What a Chode!!

Haha, your mom is a chode!

A Chode is more pleasing to a woman than a needledick, yet it is still difficult to please a woman with a chode.

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