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Glasgow Celtic Football Club was founded in 1888 by Brother Walfrid. Brother Walfrid helped Irish immigrants at the time as the bigoted Protestant Scots would not give any Catholics jobs and tried to drive them from Scotland.

Despite the anti-Catholic bigotry in Scotland Celtic became very succesful very quickly. Despit etheir city rivals, rangers, having a sectarian policy of only signing Protestant players Glasgow Celtic have never had any such policy and have ALWAYS signed any players regardless of religion. Jock Stein, a Protestant himself, once actually said that he would sign a Protestant player first as he knew he could go back for the Catholic player at any time as rangers would never touch them.

Glasgow Celtic's strip is one of the most famous in the world being green and white hoops. This hasn't changed in over 100 years.

Glasgow Celtic are the only Scottish team to have ever won the European Cup and they did it with 11 Scotish players. they also reached the European Cup final a couple of years later but lost to Feyanoord. No other Scotish club has even reached the European Cup final. In the same era Celtic won the league title 9 times in a row which at the time was a world record.

Celtics honours list is the greatest in Scottish football having won more different trophies than any other club. These include the European Cup, The League, The League Cup, The Scottish Cup, The Coronation Cup, The Empire Exhibition Cup and the Glasgow Cup.

The Celtic supporters are the greatest supporters in the world and have proved this time and again. An example of this was in 2003 when FIFA and UEFA awarded them with the title of Best Fans. This is in stark contrast to their city rivals rangers fans who are constantly fighting and being warned by UEFA. The most recent example of this was in 2005 when they were charged for singing sectarian songs.

Despite the bigotry and bias of the Scottish media and the SFA in trying to degrade Glasgow Celtic by demanding that they take down the Irish Tricolour and asking their fans to stop singing the songs of their native land, Glasgow Celtic are a very succesful and dignified club. Without a doubt the greatest club in the world. TIOCFAIDH AR LA
Glasgow Celtic Football Club are the only Scottish club EVER to win the European Cup
by Francis Hughes October 12, 2006
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