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LSD, enhanced with Repeated doses of Nitrous oxide, spread over Several hours.
The last time I did Gascid, I took 200 micrograms of Acid, started the Nitrous at about the 5th hour, and did 50 whippets of over the next two and a half hours, toured almost the entire universe, hung out with all of my ancestors and a few of my descendants, Experienced the most perfect moment of my life - *again* - and after cocktails, made love with God for a few eternities.
by FractalGod June 19, 2011
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CALLIPHONY: The melodious and harmonious sounds - manifested inextricably within the collectively blissful embodiment of pregnantly joyful euphony.

CALLIPHONY is the as of yet uncoined and obviously absent opposite of the well known adjective CACOPHONY, (which is currently notably lacking in any other accurately or articulately quotable antithesis).

ORIGIN of CALLI-PHONY: Roots come from the Greek words CALLI and CACO, meaning 'Beautiful' and 'Ugly' when used to preface the nouns in following examples, be appended hither & thither-to.

Opposite: CACO-PHONY
They entered the chamber to final embrace,
At a patently perfect and pertinent pace,
All created completed and cultured around,
A divinely and oddly indelible sound,
Now a totally manifest audible hit,
It's exquisitely carved of incredible shit,
It's a sound that we've claimed,
Supersonically named -
And collectively

Definition: C A L L I P H O N Y !
Opposite: CACO-PHONY

As exampled by:

CALLI-PYGIAN & CACO-PYGIAN - Having beautifully or distastefully shaped buttocks.

As in: "The Callipygian Call-Girl fared financially superiorly to her disproportionately buxom-less, and only very recently blonder CacoPygian counterpart".

CALLI-GRAPHY & CACO-GRAPHY Beautiful and visually distasteful Handwriting).

As in: His beautiful and painstakingly penned Ancient Celtic CALLIGRAPHY brought as much joy and light into the classroom as her unattractive scrawls and CACOGRAPHICAL scribblings took from it.
by FractalGod June 21, 2011
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