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The remnant smell in your mustache the morning after giving a girl oral sex.
Big Bear went muff diving in the back seat of my car last night with this skank he met in the club and woke up with a dirty dego.
by Foxy Boxy November 30, 2011

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The act of waiting in your car until someone you think is attractive and/or driving around the parking lot; in order to catch a glimpse of them as they are getting out of their and walking towards the establishment you are at.
Foxy Boxy: Jersey Mike...there's that girl in the mini from the apartments.
Jersey Mike: Alright, i'll wait until she gets out so we can pull around and get a good view.
Foxy Boxy: Alright. Let's parking lot stalk her.
by FOXY BOXY February 01, 2011

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The act of taking a crap while hanging your ass out of the window of a moving automobile.
kyle: "CW got a ticket for indecent exposure."

Brian: "What in the hell was he doing."

Kyle: "Road dukin!"
by foxy boxy December 31, 2009

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When the passanger (p) reaches over from his seat and stears the vehicle while the driver mixes a drink, rolls a joint, etc.....
Driver: Hey man, how many bars you want?

Passanger: Give me two.

Driver: Grab the wheel and do some P Seat Driving while I get them out of the bottle for you.
by Foxy Boxy November 30, 2011

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