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A term you call someone/something that you had high expectations for, but turned out to be a constant spiraling disappointment.

Calling someone "2020" refers to the year 2020. A year many people had high hopes for, but turned out to be one of the worst years yet. (Corona-virus, Kobe Bryant's death, AUS & west-coast fires, police-brutality/racial injustice violence, etc.)
"How'd that interview go?"
"It was so 2020."

"I met this guy on tinder last week, but he's such a 2020."
by FoxBerries November 16, 2020
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1: A phrase used when parting from a loved one, for those who do not like to say goodbye.

2: A phrase used to say goodnight to your lover, implying that you will dream of them and see them there.
1: "I have to go, I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you, see you soon."

2: "Sweet dreams, darling."

"See you soon."

"Hug me tight when you see me."
by FoxBerries November 17, 2020
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