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A portmanteau adjective describing something that is both hateful and pathetic - obviously a word that our current social environment needs desperately. It was coined, so far as I know, by blogger Andrew Sullivan, used to describe such things as a 45-year old clip of Barry McGuire singing "Eve of Destruction" with a notable grimace on Shindig, in tight white jeans with a moody junkyard stage set and interpretive "dancing" behind him. Obviously also useful in summarizing the Glenn Beck vibe.
Sarah Palin's attempts at political analysis and debate aim so low and miss so badly that they are merely hathetic.
by Fobbio November 24, 2010
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Half Bag Car: A car loaned to a drug dealer by a tapped out crackhead for, you guessed it, a half bag of crack.
We was driving around in a half bag car and stopped for pizza before re-upping our street crew.
by Fobbio August 22, 2014
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The entire genre of disco-funk-punk and whatever else was selling in the early 80's, characterized by dubious lasting value - and you could dance to it.
"What kinda band they got at Steak & Ale?" "Just the regular dip dunk."
by Fobbio December 21, 2019
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Derogatory epithet applied to folks (generally middle-aged white males) who adhere to the Old True Faith: that guitar-shredding long haired heroes (think Clapton, Page or Billy Crudup in "Almost Famous") are the true gods of music, and that the early 70's were a golden age for popular culture. Used in political arguments by those who seek to elevate the cultural impact of hip hop or mope-rock as viable alternatives, or even progress. Rockists venerate technique and craft over novelty and youth.
Those turkeys at Rolling Stone are such old rockist fossils, they don't see that 50 Cent is a true artist and Tupac more important than the Beatles
by Fobbio May 19, 2006
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