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The language spoken by ancient Romans at the age of the Roman Empire and then spoken as official and literate's language in Italy until 1700 ca. It represents the basement of most modern european languages such as Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Romanian. 80% of english words have derivated from Latin Language (ex. imput, virus, ave, pirate etc.). It is still studied in Italy in some high schools called "Liceo (Classico, Scientifico, Linguistico)". Latin morphology might be difficult to an unexpert eye, but it is quite simple and schematic :very substanctive has a declension, which is a group of similar words, and every declension has got 6 cases which express grammatical functions such as subject and complements. It is a really nice and fascinating language, though it is quite difficult to many.
"Carpe Diem" - Seize the day, seize the moment
"Roma caput mundi" - Rome is the head of the world
"Habemus papam!" - We have a pope!
"Cogito, ergo sum" - I think, therefore I am
"Romae gloria aeterna est" - The glory of Rome is evergreen ('Of Rome the glory evergreen is' in the latin syntax)
by Flx_ January 04, 2011

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