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A TV show from the 80's about undercover cops posing as students, to take care of youth crimes. Shot in Vancouver.
"Yo, did you watch that episode of 21 Jumpstreet last night?"

"No, it doesn't come on TV any more..."
by Fluffyinsanity January 15, 2005

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The way programmers can annoy the hell out of the people who run their programs. It is an escape character that is known as the "bell character" that makes the internal speaker in your computer beep. '\a' can be used in many programming languages, including C, C++, and PASCAL.

Below is an example written in C that will make your computer beep forever (or at least until you close the program).
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
for(int i=1;i>0;i++)
by Fluffyinsanity January 10, 2005

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1.) A person who walks with a limp, or has some other type of handicap.
2.) An S&M leather-clad freak.
3.) A really, really uncoordinated and weird dork.
1.) Bob broke his leg, now he's a gimp.
2.) Bob walks around wearing tight leather clothing and a whip, he's a gimp.
3.) Bob walked into a wall while reading a Star Wars book, what a gimp!
by Fluffyinsanity January 15, 2005

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The most retarded insult ever, said by the character Kip in the movie Napoleon Dynamite(2004).
Deb: "Is there anyone else here? I'm trying to earn money for college."
Kip: (In the background) "Your mom goes to college!"
by Fluffyinsanity January 12, 2005

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