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Not a racist term, but a product of drinking booze THEN puffing the cheeba.
It's name is based sround the fact that you:
a) go white
b) see nothign but stars (white or green ones) and promptly spazz out on the floor, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and the farts.
"Chrissy just took a huge bong hit and threw a whitey,... think he's in the toilet driving the porcelain bus."
by Flea May 20, 2004

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bad badass yeahbad if something's the supreme of wickedness, highest level of coolness you can get.
if something is excecuted in a better than average fashion you would call it badcore
by Flea February 23, 2005

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some one who enjoys smoking DANK.
topher is so high right now.
by flea March 11, 2005

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A whore.... that gives good head..... THE END
Man, that girl went all gabba on me... damn
by Flea February 27, 2005

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