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An Alcoholic Drink that is very potent.
A small bottle is enough to get most people drunk.
Wayne: Oh Man I'm never drinking that again.
Mathew: Yeah Bacardi 151 is Devil piss.
Glenn: Oh look we have another bottle left over from last night.
Wayne. NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Get it away from me!*runs off*
by Flawless P June 7, 2006
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The act of switching your Facebook language to English (UK) to avoid the new Facebook layout.
Friend 1: I hate the new Facebook layout, it's so dumb!

Friend 2: If you switch to English (UK) you get the old layout back!

Friend 3: Damn turncoats! You are like a modern day Benedict Arnold, stop your whining and get over it!
by Flawless P September 23, 2011
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