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A player who selected Hanzo as their Overwatch main. They are often extremely bad players on the team who rage consistently and throw the game. They are often a pain to deal with. On the extremely rare occasion you come across an actually good Hanzo main, they will most likely save your ass. Please note the chances of seeing these mains are very low, especially in the lower ranks. Be sure to treasure the good Hanzo mains you find.
Player 1: Did you see the Hanzo-main last game?
Player 2: Yeah, they were totally started throwing the game after the Zarya used grav...
by Flamerules101 April 14, 2020

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1) One of the afterlives in Norse mythology. Where people who died in combat go until Ragnarok

2) A shout yelled by the Valkyries in God of War (2018) in which they will curb stomp you until you die or spam circle enough. It will lose all meaning to you and will cause you PTSD from the very thought. Associated with negative connotations after enough time.
1) "The man died in combat. He will earn a worthy afterlife in Valhalla."


Sigrun: "Valhalla!"
The Player: "Oh hell no..."
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by Flamerules101 July 07, 2020

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