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A new online gag made up by a witty college student. Meant to be used online with * to express a time of joy or celebration.
"Yay a new member in our social group!!" *breaks out celebratory peanuts*

"Yay a new friend on my profile!!"
*breaks out celebratory peanuts*
by FlameMaster January 19, 2009

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It's exclaimed, most often in a group, when playing a videogame and the screen suddenly starts to flash with vibrant colors or in black and white. An example would be in MegaMan 2 at Wily's Castle, every time you destoy a boss, the black background starts to flash vividly and quickly in black and white. It's seen more if the game is played in a dark room, in which the whole room is lit up.
1. *boss defeated, screen starts to flash* *whole group* Seizure!!!
by FlameMaster February 08, 2009

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