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A total badass. CIA case officer. Thug gangster. Author provocateur, asymmetric strategist, a rhetorical Ramses. He can beat you with his fists, or with his brain, but fists are quicker so insurance is advised: When he’s not on TV you can find him on the battlefield behind enemy lines or drinking with that “most interesting man in the world” dude. He’s the Indiana Jones of Intelligence. The Mohammed Ali of Military Arts. And the David Bowie of Donbas. He blows shit up. He is OrdNance.
We were surrounded. Close combat with small arms. So I pulled the ripcord and called in OrdNance. He came in danger close behind enemy lines. By the time they saw him coming it was too late.

Afterward we got drinks and talked about Jean Baudrillard’s book “Simulacra and Simulation” and how Putin is inherently postmodern. And a little bitch.
by Fisto_Roboto April 19, 2022
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