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The battle cry of 4chan, Reddit, and dankness in it's purest form. Kek Slowly evolved in the world of the internet to eventually become a being within the internet itself. Kek is the source of power behind 4chan and breathed life into /r/dankmemes. It's use of power is what won The Great Meme War when the British and American Nationalists fought the UN, NATO, the EU, and the globalists, which resulted in a Nationalist victory. When ever you see the phrase "Hail Kek"in the comment section of a website, this might refer to someone with previously listed origins. Often said whenever comment wars occur on social media between Normies and Kekistanis. Associated with Pepe frequently.
Normie: OMG so triggered
Kekistani: Why don't grow a pair and be a man
Normie: I don't classify as that any more
Kekistani: How many times were you dropped on the head as a child
Normie: Now make me even more triggered *Crys*
Kekistani: Hail Kek
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by FeralInsanity12 May 27, 2017

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The highest form of Bonding with Males. Derived from brother but Bro is more than that, a Bro does not have to be related. Bros usually are seen in packs but occasionally are seen lonesome, this usually happens when the only other option is to "3rd Wheel" Bros stand up for each other, share with each other and play the ancient Male Dominant Sport of Video games
Bro 1 : Hey Bro wassup!?!?!
Bro 2: Not much just chilling, Bro.
by FeralInsanity12 July 22, 2016

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The generation directly after Millennials. Birth years start between 2006 - 2012. This group also normally steals trends from Millennials and often use them in wrong context. This age group is also very spoiled considering they get smart phones at the age of 5. This age group is excessively immature and annoying to all age groups and make fart jokes beyond the age of 10. This group is also known to start YouTube comment wars. This group of over grown babies is also known to be the ones who attempt to roast someone but simply do not understand how to.
Millennial: Sup M8s, just made this rare Pepe!
Post Millennial: *Over hears*: Like Mate bro I just made this me me about this DANK FROG!
Millennial: Why do you Post Millennials try to be cool?
by FeralInsanity12 March 16, 2017

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