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Sorority hoe
Dude, there are like 12 sohoe from (insert sorority name here) that are dtf!!! I love a good sohoe!!!
by Fepic Bros December 18, 2010
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When sitting next to your buddy at the bar a high five is made difficult due to a few reasons:

- holding a drink in one hand

- lack of space

- having to turn to face each other
The new and improved hook five allows for an awesome high five while maintaing the same sitting position, not putting down a drink and still achieving a high five.

To perform the hook five simply lift your outside arm up and over your head, close to performing a hook shot in basketball, and complete by bringing it in for the slap.
Hey Buddy, check out that chick at the end of the bar, DIBS... *HOOK FIVE!*
by Fepic Bros December 25, 2010
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