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A Pompous, self-serving drunkard who routinely behaves like a spoiled 12 year old when things don't go his way. Detested by clear-thinking people (read people NOT heavily involved in Oil & Gas) because of his complete and utter lack of a social conscience. If you're rich, you will like him. If you're like the rest of us, you will hate him.
I didn't vote for Ralph Klein because the last time I did, he rewarded me with a higher electricity bill, higher auto insurance premiums, and he blew up the biggest hospital in my city! :(
by Fecologist November 30, 2004

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New Democratic Party. A Party which believes that social priorities and the basic needs of the people come before corporate interests. This is NOT to say they are communists - that is a view held by severely ignorant people. The NDP has NO INTEREST in taking away your property and rights to pursue an economic dream. They believe that if you're fabulously wealthy, you should be helping out the less fortunate to a degree. It is the party that gave Canada its FREE HEALTH-CARE SYSTEM. People go on and on about the wonderful health care system we have: THANK THE NDP.
The NDP is all you got keeping you from a world where your blood greases the cogs of the corporate machine
by Fecologist November 30, 2004

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To excrete feces in regular lengths so as to have the appearance of freshly-cut cord
It looks so pretty once mom's finished cutting cord in there!
by Fecologist November 29, 2004

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