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1. An alternative spelling of the word "fairy." A magic creature from the mythology of Arcadia, legedary for their mischief and prank-making. Most are fond of sweets, music, and play. Various common types of fae-folk include (but are not limited to) the sprite, the pixie, the dryad, the nymph, the satyr, the sylph, and the leprechaun.

2. A derogatory term used to insult a homosexual or to challenge a man's masculinity.
1. The faery and the Tehkella unicorn fell into a heated debate about the mating habits of dragons.

2. That dude just called my friend a faery, but I swear he's metrosexual, not gay.
by FaeryMagic December 30, 2005

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1. Anything pertaining to the word magic.

2. An expression of approval.

3. A kind of ambiance, a moment has mood of something special.
1. "Unicorns are magical beasts."

2. "That was an absolutely magical movie!"

3. "Afterglow is a magical time."
by FaeryMagic December 30, 2005

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This is a kind of mix between a sprite and a nymph, but it is very evil! Sprytes are naughty, mischievous, flirty, and cocky. They can be easily provoked to bite too. This type of fairy is usually found naked. Sprytes are almost always female in appearance, and they have wings and are able to fly at will.
"Ouch! This damned spryte bit me! WTF?"
by FaeryMagic December 30, 2005

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