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It's de capital city of Chaco, a North state of the bes country. Argentina.
Resistencia is a beatiful place with hot girls who made the best "Petes" of the world.
Petes are BlowJobs!!!
Resistencia has great meat!!
by Fabricio October 15, 2004
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Increíble comedia industria Argentina con una de las parejas actorales más graciosas que presentó el cine nacional: Emilio Disi y Guillermo Franchella.
Gorda Lechona...
Nooo, Gorda Leona!!
by Fabricio October 18, 2004
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The best Simpsons Comunity in the internet.
All the forists are Great friends.
The girls there are very hot: Ayudante, Jaina, Vicu and Atenea.
The leader of ZonaSimpson is a guy who travell for all the world. Now he is in Spain... or EEUU... or Afganistan. He has a lot of money and womans.
Muere Kubanito!!! Muere!!!
by Fabricio October 16, 2004
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