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Is the process in which two African-American males have anal sex, while in the process the one bending over usually wears a wig and bra to give the illusion of being a female.
My husband was out all night again and I couldn't find one of my bras this morning I bet he was out all night doing darkillusion again.
by FFXIBushido November 13, 2009

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A man who grew up in the streets, as a result of his hardship this man can only speak in street terms. This man is also very proficient in the arts of dice rolling as one could imagine. The belief behind this amazing skill that they possess is thought to be from cupping another man's balls and shaking his hand in the form of rolling dice. Only after years of ball cupping and shaking will one attain the status of this name.
Wow, your friend is one hell of a dova, last night he shook my balls for over an hour and went to the local basketball courts to bet his friends in a game of dice and ended rolling nothing but lucky 7s the whole time.
by FFXIBushido November 17, 2009

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An act involving two people, where a woman is fingering your asshole while sniffing it, while you suck your own dick. The term is commonly found as an enemy of sorts in video games and more than usually is a dog of sorts. Which is why the process involves a woman smelling your ass and fingering it while your are licking your own dick.
The morning after a bandersnatch my girlfriend had poop on her nose and fingernails, and my ribs hurt from doing it all night.
by FFXIBushido November 13, 2009

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