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Sexual relations with someone you consider as close as a family member, but who is not legally your relative. May feel awkwardly like regular incest, but is generally more socially accepted.
Person 1: So like... me and Mike have known each other for a while... but he's like a brother to me, if I bang him won't that be wrong?

Person 2: Naw, that's only psuedo-incest, go get yourself a piece o' his sausage.
by FATALITY January 10, 2006
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The best taunt ever. guess who invented it, JOHN CENA It is also very useful in certain situations
Example 1
robber: hey get the fuck down bitches i need to rob this store
Cops: hey robber hands up
robber: Ucant see me "waves hand at his face"
cops: where the hell is he

example 2
Steve: hey is that man blind
blind man: i am blind
Steve: THEN U CANT SEE ME" waves hand at own face"
Blind man: " sigh"
by FATALITY November 30, 2015
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Someone who talks trash on online communities. Usually smells like poop.
Have you heard of that Smartsport guy? He smells like shit!
by FATALITY February 26, 2016
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