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I am so damn horny rite now, ugh i feel like i'm bout to explode!!!! cuz my boyfriend came over yesterday and I swear he drives me INSANE!!!!! I loved it!! He fingered me and was rubbing all over my pussy with his vibrating game controler n stuff...ect ;-) YIPPEE!!! I just NEED to have my first with him already!!!! I'm so dam tired of waiting.....:( He makes me have "Happy Time" (masterbate) every freakin nite. I just need him to FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RITE NOW!!! But he can't, cuz were in school at the moment and my mama is paranoid so we have NO alone time! But we do what we can when people arent looking. Gah It sux so much freakin dick! (mmmm dick, yummy) :-) I swear I want it so bad.....Ugh soooo bad!!! IDK wat i'm going to do. I can't wait anymore. It's making me so God Damn PISSED OFF!!!!! UGH FUCK ME JB FUUUUCK MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-z
by F me JB May 26, 2009

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