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Possibly the best hunter to ever grace WoW.

Bandet is best known for being rated #1 survival hunter in the 2v2 bracket in the united states, however he is also well known for his movies, portraying survival as a deadly spec for any hunter to have, so long as he learns it correctly. Bandet has also been around to help out any hunter who desires to follow the path of Survivalism by guiding them in their quest.
1. Bandet is amazing.
2. Bandet rocked my world, all night long.
by Eyonix June 30, 2008

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Matt the Gnome is an adorable and friendly Gnome that lives in Azeroth. Best pal to Eyonix and a gentle pacifier on the World of Warcraft General Discussion Forums.
MatttheGnome is doing well today.
by Eyonix September 07, 2005

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A path followed by many hunters in WoW who choose to specialize in Survival. Most who follow this path do so under the guidance of Bandet.
1. After I began to follow Survivalism, I never lost to a rogue again!
by Eyonix June 30, 2008

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A specialization used by Hunters in World of Warcraft, with a basis around causing critical damage and staying alive.
1. 0/27/34
2. That survival hunter has a high critical rate.
by Eyonix June 30, 2008

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