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A tireless defender of Micro$oft and its products. Typically stays online 24/7 to rebut all criticism of the most holy of holies.
Jeez! Shista is a crawling P.O.S.!

What are you trying to say? You only HATE Microsoft for being successful!

What a Micro$uckup
by EvilDave August 12, 2009
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The legendary goop from which all McDonald's menu items are derived. Chilled and pooped out of machine into a cup, it's a shake. Baked in an oven, it's a bun. Grilled, it's a burger. Molded different ways and fried, it's french fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, etc.

Generally anything that comes from a McDonald's restaurant.

Also anything that's cheap, abundant, undesirable and valueless.
The McStuff... it is... ALIVE!
by EvilDave August 25, 2010
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A genius trip-hop / electronic duo from Manchester. If you have any interest in electronic music you have to hear Lamb.
checkout this new Lamb album
by EvilDave April 15, 2004
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Any illness which the sufferer elects to ignore, because they're too busy with work and/or too shy to bother other people about trivialities like their own rapidly deteriorating health.

Jim Henson famously died of pneumonia, but not wanting to be a 'bother' to hospital people, delayed going until it was too late.
Go home and rest. We don't need anyone dying of Jim Henson's Disease here!
by EvilDave January 22, 2011
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One of the best skits from the greatest comedian to have ever lived.
Goat boy is here to please you, tie me to your headboard, throw your legs over my shoulders and let me wear you like a feed bag.
by EvilDave April 15, 2004
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This is the new 'politically correct' replacement for 'retard' that we have all been waiting for!
Yeah, *congratulations*, Trump Voter! You placed second in the Special Olympics!
by EvilDave March 20, 2017
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