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Hilary Duff=poser
I have much more to say, I despise her with every fiber of my being, but, I won't. She is a poser. End of story.
Dumb Kid: lyk oMg!!!111!!! Did you lyk, get the new Hilry Duff cd?!?!?!
Me: No you moron, she's such a poser! Now go boil your head.
by Evette May 25, 2005

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A store in our scary mall where a tiny piece of shadow where all of us original and "different" nad "gothic" people can enojy the black light. For one thing no one even knows the definition of "Gothic" or "Prep" and why we use these words is above me. It happens to be right across Hollister where popular and "preppy" girls go and buy bikinis where the less material there is the more it costs. Hot Topic is my choice of the two, and the labels will fly. People say they hate labels and yet they use them too. We'll survive.
"Preps": Ewww...she's wearing all black from Hot Topic. My mom said store is run by the devil. Hey, are you a goth?
"Goth": I say Hollister is a I-wanna-be-just-like-everyone-else store and Hot Topic is where you can be different than all of you....*stalks off*
"Prep": EWWW!!!!
by Evette May 25, 2005

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She's a singer/songwriter claimed to suck and claimed to rock. Everyone is a critic.
Avril is, at the least, original, singing with her own vocals *coughASHLEESIMPSONcough* and at least play the guitar and is not just a pretty face who sings monotone. I give her credit.
by Evette May 25, 2005

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